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    電話:+86-0580-3696887? 3696926
    傳真:+86-0580-3696908? 3695986

    Company Profile

    ZhouShan HeCheng Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the ZhouShan island in east Zhejiang Province. we are specialized in marine equipment, diesel engines and main & auxiliary engine spare parts, specializing in making cylinder liner, cylinder head, piston crown, piston skirt, water jacket, valve spindle, valve seat, valve guide, valve housing and gaskets etc.

    We have got quality system ISO9001:2000 approval from CSQA and processes/works approval by CSS.
    Nowwe have relation ship with more than a hundred shipping companies home and abroad. we have had more and more businesses with companies in Greece, Lndia, Turkey, Singapore, Busan and so on.

    We eill always take the lead in the fields of diesel engine components fabricating and keep it as our goal to supply "fine, effective and instant service to our customer."
    Waiting for your enquiries!


    ZhouShan HeCheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    Add:Marine Life Park Shenjiamen Zhoushan Zhejiang China
    Tel:+86-0580-3696887 3696926
    Fax:+86-0580-3696908 3695986

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